Welcome Back!


Frontline Games is happy to announce that we will be returning to our usual weekly events schedule!

That being said, there have been a few small changes to what our weekly events will consist of.We recommend looking over our Frontline Games Calendar to double-check our new schedule!


*PLEASE NOTE* These tournaments will NOT be sanctioned until the organizations that run them lift the restrictions on sanctioned tournaments.

We will keep you updated and make posts when these restrictions are lifted for each separate card game.


New Frontline Games Weekly Events Calendar


Striving to not only meet but to exceed our cleaning standards is still our #1 priority at Frontline Games. We will continue to provide the safest and cleanest conditions possible for your play area.

This includes keeping up with hourly sanitizing of surfaces and nightly deep cleans. Our goal is to work as a team with our staff & patrons to maintain the health and happiness of our community as a whole.

This requires your help taking proper health precautions. If you feel ill, we ask that you please stay home rather than coming to Frontline Games.

We advise that you wash your hands as often as possible or carry hand sanitizer on you to use frequently. We also DO NOT recommend handshakes during this time, a simple “good luck,” or “good game,” is a great display of sportsmanship. Masks are encouraged, but not required when you shop or play at Frontline Games. Frontline Games still holds the right to deny entry into events or the store to anyone who displays visual signs of illness.

If you plan to participate in any future events, please sign up at least 10 minutes prior. We will NOT allow sign-ups after the 10 minutes prior to the event. Even if space is available. This is to ensure events start on time and are concluded in a reasonable manner.


If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to reach out to Frontline Games through our Facebook page or in-store! We look forward to seeing everyone at our weekly events and as always, You’re Welcome to Battle at the Frontline!



Core Set 2021 Pre-release weekend!


PLEASE NOTE: All of these events are subject to change at any time due to fluctuating conditions of COVID-19. If any changes are made they will be formally announced by Frontline Games. Thank you!

Here at Frontline Games, we know Prerelease events are exciting. We offer a wide variety of times and experiences for your prerelease satisfaction. Starting with a Friday Night Prerelease Win a Box!



Friday, June 26th at 7PM is your first chance to play!

A prerelease kit will be provided for you to build a 40-card deck and compete in our win a box tournament! The tournament consists of 5 rounds of Swiss with a cut to the top 8 Players. The top 8 will battle it out to see who can claim a booster display of 36 Packs of Core Set 2021!

Other prizes are as follows:

2nd Place – 24 Packs of Core Set 2021
3rd – 4th Place – 12 Packs of Core Set 2021
5th – 8th Place – 6 Packs of Core Set 2021

Players 9th and Below will be awarded a
booster pack of Core Set 2021 per win.

Entry Fee for the Friday Night Prerelease Win-a Box is $30.00



We also have eight limited V.I.P. slots for the Friday Night Prerelease Win-a-Box event.

A V.I.P. slot entitles the purchaser to...

- A V.I.P. room for all of your matches shared with one other player
- Two drinks
- One meal
- A deck box
- A set of card sleeves

Each VIP slot will cost $20 in addition to the entry fee for the Friday Night Prerelease Win-a-Box. ($50 total)


The rest of the weekend will be the traditional prerelease events with 4 rounds swiss. The schedule is:

Saturday June 27th, Event Times

• 10 AM Swiss Flight - REGISTER HERE
• 3 PM 2HG Swiss Flight - REGISTER HERE
• 8 PM Swiss Flight - REGISTER HERE

Sunday June 28th, Event Times

• 10 AM Swiss Flight - REGISTER HERE
• 3 PM 2HG Swiss Flight - REGISTER HERE
• 8 PM Swiss Flight - REGISTER HERE

Each single-player event will be run using the Swiss Format with (4) Rounds for each event in a best of 3 Match structure. Two-Headed Giant events will be best of 1. This means you will play only (4) Rounds at any event you join.

The cost is $25 to enter each event, pre-registration has already started so come in and join the fun!



Participants can also sign up for the Frontline Fighter package for $125. The Frontline Fighter package includes entry to all six Swiss flights on the 27th (SAT) & 28th (SUN) of June.

Additionally, Frontline Fighters will get a one-time double pack-payout which, when used at the start of an event, will double the prize payout received from that event! Limited to 20 players. (Does not include the Friday Prerelease Win-a-Box)

Each swiss event has the following prize support

• 0-1 Match Wins will get (1) Booster Pack of Core Set 2021
• 2 Match Wins will get (2) Booster Packs of Core Set 2021
• 3 Match Wins will get (3) Booster Packs of Core Set 2021
• 4 Match Wins will get (7) Booster Packs of Core Set 2021

At Frontline Games we believe prerelease events aren’t just about new cards, but about the experience. Come out to our prerelease event and experience Core Set 2021 in a fun, welcoming environment. And as always, see you at the Frontline!

Enter for a chance to purchase Secret Lair Ultimate Edition...


Secret Lair: Ultimate Edition is a new product from Wizards of The Coast that will contain one non-foil copy of five enemy fetch lands, that you can only get from your local game store.

For reference, that's Lorwyn (Marsh Flats), Dominaria (Scalding Tarn),

Innistrad (Verdant Catacombs), Amonkhet (Arid Mesa), and Ixalan (Misty Rainforest).


Due to the high demand and low supply of this product...

Frontline Games will be hosting a Raffle for a chance to purchase this Secret Lair!

We want our local player base and MTG community to receive these specialty products rather than selling them online. We also want to give everyone a fair chance at purchasing, just in case you can't be in store as soon as the product releases.

The raffle will be free to enter through this Google Form. The product will be set at $299.99. We ask that you please DO NOT enter if you are not willing to pay this price.

Frontline Games will live stream the conclusion of the raffle at 6 PM CT. Monday, June 22nd, 2020 at

8 names will be chosen live on stream, to receive an email to purchase the Secret Lair. If for any reason, any of the 8 individuals decline the purchase or do not respond within 24 hours, we will have a list of 4 alternate names to choose from, that will receive the chance to purchase instead.

Good luck, and we look forward to seeing the winners for a chance to purchase the Secret Lair: Ultimate Edition!



Available July 17th!
Available July 17th!
Available July 17th!
Available July 17th!